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Allen Charting New Ground

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Allen Charting New Ground

Photo: Austin Miller

Story By: Trenton Berry / RacinDirt Original

Starting your own venture in the motorsports world is a daunting task to say the very least. Then, if you decide to jump in the hours are longer than ever and the uncertainties, especially when starting out, are always on your mind. For Scotty Allen the time for him to venture out was in 2004. Groomed by the unquestioned leader in Modified racing at the time, Mike Clark, of Dirtworks Race Cars, Allen set out to chart his own course and did just that.


Now on the brink of his ten year Anniversary, Allen is set to take his business in a different direction. An offer too good to pass up presented itself recently, and will afford him the opportunity to race and be involved more on his terms. In a recent conversation he also noted his back and knees will thank him too.


"Scotty has done a terrific job by taking his dream and making it reality," commented his father in law and friend Rex Merritt. "In my opinion there is no better fabricator of race components in the country. The attention to detail really sets his cars apart and the technology is on par or above the rest of the cars out there." As someone who makes his living in the Racing Industry full-time, Merritt who works for Racing Specialty Services, is equally as excited to see Allen pursue an environment that's not such a roller coaster.


One of the things that stood out to many folks when discussing Allen's dedication and involvement in dirt racing was his versatility and willingness to help. One of his first customers and house car drivers, Eric Turner, spoke of his dedication. "There were so many cars that Scotty fixed throughout the course of the year. It didn't matter if it was a Factory Stock or Late Model or if he even built it, he worked on them all and kept so many people racing. You knew if you took a car to him that he was extremely fair on his labor, and that when it left it was fixed right and not a cobbled up mess."


Turner also echoed Merritt's sentiments on the fabrication. "He built such a quality piece. They really are beautiful cars. He was always meticulous and it gave me a ton of confidence when I ran those cars. Those who are staying with him are really lucky to have a guy like that in their corner."


Gary Clark, son of the late Mike Clark, has remained close to Allen even through the last decade. "He's just a really good guy," stated Clark. "I know the toll this job takes on you physically and as bad as we hate to admit it, none of us are getting any younger. I took a break when dad passed away and it recharged my batteries. I know with him picking and choosing what he wants that he will really get back to enjoying this sport a whole lot more."


This is not a concession or a running of the white flag up the pole. The family continues to operate Dallas County Speedway, and recently entered into a two year agreement to sanction the B Mods with the USRA. No matter how little he wants to admit it, he fills an integral role at the track both on race night and throughout the week. He finished runner up in the 2013 final standings in the Modified division on asphalt at the Lebanon I-44 Speedway too. He will simply be doing things more on his terms and has certainly earned the right to do so.


The last day of full-time operation for Allen Autosports is today. Information on the new "Team 12 Motorsports" will be released following the first of the year, on both the Allen Autosports website, and Facebook page.



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